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At end of the year reflection on school-based practice

I had some practice oriented “ah-has” from Seth Godin’s ( ) thought provoking blog posts. Having been involved in school-based practice for more than 25 years, I often asked myself “why” some school based practitioners appear to prefer the status quo of 30 minutes a week pull out services rather than push themselves to embrace evidenced based integrated school therapy practices despite all the work that has been done in our practice setting..

So please ponder the following “wonderings” as your look at the new year:

Are you feeling “stuck” in your practice because you approach students and your teams in a rote fashion? Are you practicing out of habit rather than recognizing there may be a better way?

Do you embrace new opportunities to grow professionally? Or do you see embracing a new opportunity a “risk”? If we avoid opportunities out of fear, and wait for the fear to abate, think of what you and your students might have missed.

Do you avoid change in your practice approach because you have doubts in your own decision making? Do you hesitate to recommend a new way of tackling a problem case because you are afraid that it might not work? Because not sharing that new idea is safer or you are uncomfortable saying you were wrong?

Are you “in command” of your practice? Are you able to articulate clearly your role, responsibilities as a school-based provider and shared the evidence?

Elevate your practice!! Use self-reflection is a key element to providing the best that school based therapy services can offer students and teams. Consider mentoring and or personalized professional development by Sequoia!

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