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Quality services versus I did my best: A take on Seth Godin( and school practice

Do you ever ask yourself, “did my session with my student/child meet the current professional standards of school-based practice?

Did my session meet the actual needs of the student and expectations of the classroom through a well-grounded clinical approach aligned with educational relevance based on evidence?

Or is your answer, “I did my best”.

Applying quality practices will meet the expectations and specific needs of our clients – whomever they may be…your team, your administration, your classroom staff and or family you are working with. Quality(practices) specifically means needs and/or requirements of your client have been met – that your “deliverable” has met the definition of quality.

That is not the same as, “I did my best”. Just doing “your best” without reflection on the quality of work….you may miss the mark.

We should all be providing quality services to our clients - quality services that meet needs and expectations...

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