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The Challenge of "Dosing in Schools".

Dosing Concepts and tools to assist the school based practitioner.


Do you dread making that IEP decision regarding how much and now often?

Are you anxious about the reaction to your recommendation?

Are you concerned your decision is arbitrary?

Do you feel you don't have a starting point?


If you have these concerns,I have recorded two webinars available on demand via

Apply EBP; one focuses on Dosing Concepts and the other on Dosing Tools,

both of which will assist the school based practitioner in making those

touch service decisions.


The information shared in the Dosing Concepts webinar will give you some thinking points as you being to make your pull together your data and make your clinical decision regarding services for your student.

Setting, prognosis and need for your unique expertise are just some of the points I will share for you to ponder.


In my second webinar, Dosing Tools, I share three valuable tools that can be used with decision making that provide a framework for your clinical reasoning.

Using a case study, I will walk you through how to make a decision based on your data on student participation and performance using the tools.


Link to the webinars:

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