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Mentors Matter

I've been a school based physical therapist for a long time....and writing IEP content has gotten easier over time, but why can it still be a struggle?

When I started my career in schools, which was long after working in other settings, I never had a mentor to help talk through the best way to approach this daunting task along with the other responsibilities of being part of an IEP team. #schoolbasedtherapyIEPs


Actually I never had a mentor to help me with any part of making the transition to school practice. And I struggled - making that shift from the iimpairment focus I had had as a PT in other the settings and translating what I knew clinically into a whole new world centered on access to education and participation.#schoolbasedtherapy

I invested in my own learning, taking courses and reading.....alot. I went back to school. And along the way created tools that supported my thinking regarding student participation, barriers to access identification and an ICF approach to assessment, IEP documentation and PT plans of care. #ecologicalassessment


After many years of honing my school based skills both as a practitioner and administrator, I feel called to help those of you out there to develop into evidenced based school therapists. Let me share my tools and experience with you! Let me be the mentor you either don't have or never had....we can tackle your challenges together!#schoolbasedmentor

I am adding another tool for your work - a goal writing tool to support evidenced based goal writing. #IEPgoals

Guide to School-based Goal Writing
Download PDF • 105KB


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