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Questions, Questions

“Where do you get your ideas?” From Seth Godin

Seth speaks to asking the right questions. Because questions generate ideas. And as Seth says. “Having ideas is part of the human condition”. Everyone on our teams have ideas, but do we help them formulate their ideas with questions?

As we reflect on the types questions we ask our team mates regarding the performance of our student during typical activities and routines of the day, are we asking questions in a way that can formulate ideas? Or spring forth the idea our team member might have that could solve the puzzle regarding student performance?

As school therapists we love checklists – we use them ourselves, we give them to our team mates to complete. Do we couple those checklists with questions? Are the questions we ask digging deeper into the “why” of student performance? Assisting us with choosing the most appropriate tool for assessment? Are we pushing ourselves from preconceived notions based on medical diagnosis to actual performance issues? Can we say our assessment is complete if we don’t do the deep dive using questions?

If we do this level of questioning leading to collaborative ideas on performance, sharing our clinical reasoning, maybe our teams will understand and embrace the “why” …why our services to the student and on behalf are integral to student progress. Stakeholder engagement and interviews are so important to the success of our students and to you as a provider…. Food for thought……

Coming soon – a variety of stakeholder interviews for purchase through Sequoia School-based Solutions!

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