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Turning the Battleship!!

Summer has sailed and school-based therapists are back at it. Let this year be the year you “turn the battleship” and embrace participation. Participation as the basis of your assessments, participation the basis of your supplementary aids and services decisions, participation as the basis of your goals. Utilizing the idea of services To the student but also on BEHALF of the student. Contextual services, integrated into the fabric of the school day.


Help your teams understand participation is at the heart of the IDEA. Collaborate with your teams to lead to better student outcomes. Fully understand and articulate your roles and responsibilities as a related service provider. Leverage the law, your practice act and code of ethics to support your decision making for students.


Sequoia has what you need to accomplish this daunting task…one classroom at a time. Explore the practice tools starting with the variety of ecological assessments. Use the interview tools to understand team concerns, including the concerns of parents. Use the IEP Preparation Document to support your IEP contributions including goal writing, supplementary aids and services and service delivery. The DRTT is available to assist you with the clinical reasoning process of “how much” and “how often” regarding your services to the student. Review some of the previous blogs to help you on your school based practice journey.


Sequoia can be your “go-to” for practice support of any kind, including presenting at staff meetings, working with your district and providing one on one mentoring to all school based therapists whether they are new to the practice or not.


Get ready to "turn the battleship"!! Cheers to a new school year!

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