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Virtual Assessment


Ecological assessment – a first step in an evidenced based school-based assessment

In these virtual times, how can a school-based practitioner begin to gather information ecologically to support their work with a student? And possibly craft educationally relevant goals and objectives that require your expertise?


I created a virtual ecological assessment form that you can use to question a teacher in terms of (1) the learning environment (2) their expectations for the student’s performance. It then asks about performance relative to routines in the home. Consider there is much overlap with classroom expectations and what a student does in the home. Think of a self-care routine, a lunch time routine, transitioning in an out of the learning environment set up for them at home including outdoor. Consider also what the student will need to be able to do once school returns in person. It’s those skills we support that fulfill the expectations of IDEA 2004…further education, employment and independent living.


Please send me an email to request a copy!

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